No matter how good a network is, if the carriers don’t provide it to their customers, it doesn’t matter. Turner Classic Movies has all the makings of a great network: unmatched library of films, brand equity, and expertise. TCM is unquestionably the authority on classic films. The creative strategy: let people know that we’re the experts without saying “we’re the experts.” Also, entertain and engage.

Here’s how much of an impact this campaign made. The campaign was originally presented to win the business. The business was won but for multiple reasons, this campaign didn’t run. Fast-forward a few years. Turner Classic Movies wasn’t even a client of the agency anymore, but they said “Remember those guidebook ads you presented? We’ve had those comps hanging on our office wall for years, and we’d like to have you produce them now!”

This is work done for hire by Fable founder, David, for another agency.

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