For years, the State Fair of Virginia had been at the same asphalt-covered location. The die-hard fans of the fair wanted to be heard. While they loved the fair, they most certainly did not love its location. The State Fair had purchased some land (interestingly, the farm where Secretariat was born) and was ready to make the move. The strategy was, in a word, nostalgia.

We let people know about this new, classic-feel, Charlotte’s Web-type home for the fair. We acknowledged the fans and the nostalgia they feel for the fair. We used time-aware web banners. We made strong use of social media and deeply engaged with the audience. In fact, in just the few short weeks leading up to the fair, the number of Facebook fans increased by over 500%. Ticket sales set a new record.

This is work done for hire by Fable founder, David, for another agency.

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