Rather than simply say The School for Performing Arts in the Richmond Community (SPARC) “is all about the kids,” we decided to show it. As part of our complete rebranding, we crafted messaging that speaks directly to the child. Our key messages are “You have what it takes,” “No dream is too small,” and “Here, you will grow from the inside out.” Because about half the kids at SPARC have a disability, these messages become even more significant. Our new tagline, which of course also speaks directly to each child is “Discover your shine.” After all, you already have what you need to shine. We’ll simply help you discover it.

Individual donations of $1000 or more increased 600% over the previous year. Students from SPARC were invited to appear live on NBC’s “Today” show to perform with Grammy Award-winning artist Jason Mraz, where they (including Jason) appeared before a TV audience of millions, all wearing shirts emblazoned with the new logo and tagline.