The museum needed a new brand. An entirely new persona was created, with key strategic and creative leadership from Fable founder, David. This included a new brand strategy, new logo, new ads, new job titles, and more. The new brand strategy was centered around the idea of “wonder.” It was determined that people experience the museum in three phases: curiosity, discovery, and inspiration. Ultimately, people should be moved by the science that’s all around them and then come to the museum when they’re ready to learn more.

The brand has remained strong enough to contain all the elements that make up the museum and its marketing, powerful enough to help create a roadmap of the museum’s future, and flexible enough to expand and evolve over the years. All while both moving the needle and moving the imagination.

Fable founder David began this project as work for hire by another agency. The museum then became (and remains) a proud Fable client.

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