Once Upon a Brand.

A fable is more than just a story. A fable always has a point. There’s always a moral to the story. 
What does it mean? What do people get out of it? And why should they care?

The most important thing any company has is its brand strategy. It’s what determines the direction, tone, feel, content, vision, and execution of every message the company delivers. Good strategy is creative. Good creative is strategic.

“Without strategy, tactics are simply the noise before defeat.”
— Sun Tzu


David Neale

David Neale, founder of Fable, has over 25 years of experience in both strategy and creative. He has helped build some of the most respected and successful brands on the planet by balancing equal parts creative problem-solving and strategic reasoning.

David is a collaborative, hard-working, easy-going, inspiring, creative leader who solves problems, builds brands, drives sales, and gets results. From research-based brand strategy to innovative creative solutions, he excels at planning, developing, and executing the creative vision of a brand.

Had a TV spot parodied by Saturday Night Live.

Many appearances in the esteemed Communication Arts Advertising Annual, including being on the cover.

Developed the creative strategy and concepts that led to the two best sales months in the history of Jaguar cars.

Developed the creative strategy and led conceptual development for a TV ad which ran during the Super Bowl.

Is one of very few individuals to appear in the prestigious Radio Mercury Awards more than five times.

Has been recognized by virtually every major award show, including the One Show, the Emmys, and Cannes.

Client Experience

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