June 11, 2019

New branding has launched for Virginia Turfgrass Foundation

Fable recently completed rebranding for Virginia Turfgrass Foundation, a statewide organization that was established to collect and distribute funds for the innovative and essential research of turfgrass.Work included extensive research, brand strategy, brand messaging, logo, tagline, website, and collateral. Natural turfgrass releases oxygen, cools the air, prevents erosion, and helps control pollution by filtering both air and water. And unlike artificial turf, properly managed turfgrass can help athletic performance while also decreasing the risk of injury. In short, natural turfgrass helps bring out the best in athletes, lawns, golf courses and more. The new branding is designed to communicate the importance of turfgrass to the end user. ┬áThis is reflected in the new VTF tagline, “Let greatness take root.”

The VTF works exclusively with the Virginia Tech Turfgrass Team at designated university research facilities throughout the state to develop and test new grasses. This also includes a wide variety of innovative management strategies, and the evaluation of the latest releases in chemistry, technology, and equipment.

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