June 21, 2017

Fable’s brand film, “The Boy And The Bucket,” has been released

Fable is proud to officially unveil its brand film. This is the first piece of work to be completed by the agency that was formed just earlier this year. From the very beginning, we knew that above all else, this film must tell a story. In keeping with the Fable tagline, in fact, it was essential that this film told a story, shared an adventure, and built a legend. It’s a glimpse into what Fable can do for its clients. Deliver the right message to an audience, engage them, involve them, and help them to care. That’s how brands become (and remain) successful.

The film was shot on location in Richmond, Virginia and directed by Tom Maher of Stolen Moment Productions. Tom and his team brought the concept to life with great beauty and emotion.

Watch “The Boy and the Bucket” on Vimeo