November 27, 2018

Fable proudly announces two new clients

Fable has been selected by Virginia Turfgrass Foundation to complete its branding and advertising. Through close collaboration with Virginia Tech, VTF manages the funding of turfgrass research in the state of Virginia. This research is used in creating new varieties of grass as well as determining which varieties are best suited for specific applications. Fable will perform research, develop brand strategy, create messaging, design the logo and visual identity, create a website, and develop advertising.

Fable has also partnered with Claire Hollingsworth. Claire, now 13, is the youngest ever champion of Food Network’s cooking competition show, “Chopped Junior.” She is the inventor of the patent-pending “No Fear Oven Sleeves,” and also has several food-related products and partnerships, as well as a recently filmed video series for YouTube Channel “Janet’s Planet.” Fable will develop naming, brand strategy, marketing plan, logo design, and more.


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