May 17, 2018

Fable has been nominated for an Emmy

The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences today announced “The Boy and the Bucket: A Fable” as a nominee in the 60th Emmy® Awards. The brand film was created by Fable, a branding and advertising agency in Richmond, Virginia, and was directed and produced by Stolen Moment Productions. Emmy winners will be announced at a regional gala for the National Capital Chesapeake Bay Chapter on June 23 in Washington DC.

The Emmy® Award is the premier television production award presented in various sectors of the broadcast and broadband industry, including entertainment programming, advertising, news and documentary shows, and sports programming. The awards are presented in various area-specific ceremonies held annually throughout the year, honoring excellence in television programming. Key credits for “The Boy and the Bucket” include David Neale as Chief Creative Officer/Art Director/Writer, Tom Maher as Director/Editor/Cinematographer, and Richard MacDonald as Cinematographer/Aerial Cinematographer. (Detailed credits available at

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